Frame me up Scotty!

A while ago I collected a set of four small Star Trek models. There two others in the series, The Enterprise-D and a surprise model, but the shop had sold out and never got them back in stock. Anyway, they sat on my desk for a while, and got knocked around a bit, and broken a couple of times, thankfully they were easy to fix. The Enterprise-D model came later, it’s one of those glueless die cut stainless steel models that take a considerable amount of time to assemble! Anyway, I’ve been toying with the idea for some time now to mount them on a picture frame, and this week I finally got it done.

I started off by searching for a suitable NASA photograph as a background, and then overlaid the the original Star Trek logo, with roughly 50% opacity, using Photoshop. The image was then printed on ordinary A3 paper and then laminated.

The picture was glued down to a scrap piece of 3-ply. I then cut a scrap piece of cheap 5-ply into 4cm strips using my power-saw, and then cut them to length with a 45 degree angle using my mitrebox.

I had already decided that for the set of models I would remove their support posts from their bases and drill holes into the picture to insert the posts. But, the Enterprise-D model clearly would not work that way, so using an offcut off ply that I used for the frames I made a small shelf for it so be glued down onto in the middle-bottom off the frame. The frame has been varnished.

Using my hacksaw I cut off the name-plates from the stands, but this left them open on top which would not look good glued onto the frame as-is. I came up with a simple solution for that, but I’ll show you that later.

The four ships, minus the crappy looking cloaked version of the Defiant, mounted securely in the picture by drilling holes the diameter of the posts where they used to lock into the bases. At this point the plywood backing twisted a little, so I had to re-clamp it at both top corners to ensure that it glued properly.

Close-up of the Enterprise NX-01 model showing how it is mounted onto the picture.

Here’s the solution I came up with for the name-plates. I carefully cut of the bevels on the back of each of the stands and then glued them onto the opening on the top of the nameplate. Not quite a perfect fit, but hardly noticeable if you don’t know what’s been done!

This photo of the original TV series Enterprise shows the nameplates glued onto the picture, complete with top bevel.

All done, and ready to hang in my office at work.

Some time ago I purchased on eBay this original page out of an old magazine (cost me $US20 – ugh) of Captain Kirk (alias William Shatner!) advertising these new-fangled Commodore VIC-20 full color home computers. This has hung in my office at work for several years, but was only laminated, now it is framed, and looks a whole lot better. I framed it while working on the other project above, though this one is not varnished. Ready now to go back up on the wall in my office at work.

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