Aussie Back Shed Style Desk

When my MacBook died I found myself needing a new computer, which I could not afford. But, thankfully, I found a second hand ex-gaming machine at a price that I could afford, so I bought that. But, a new problem arose, it is a rediculous size! It’s not a normal tower, it’s, well, strange. Anyhow, my desk was not up to the job so I decided to build a new one, bigger, better, and more my style. This time though I didn’t take any in-progress photos, I just wanted to enjoy the project, I even forgot to take photos of the completed desk before installing it. So, all I’ve got for you here are some photos of it installed and in use, which really show it at its best anyway.

A quick run-down: the table top is made of four and a half pieces of recycled fence panels, topped over with a sheet of recycled 3-ply. The rest of the constructions uses the same basic materials in a variety of ways, which are obvious when you look at the photos. I wanted a farm themed backdrop for the tractor shelf. I was going to print something but then I decided to use some scrap corrugated steel if I could some. Anyway, one of the cleaners at work just happened have a few old sheets lying around that were suitable rusty and cracked, and gave them to me, so the whole hutch section got sheeted in that, with the same 3-ply in behind to protect the wall.

The whole desk remains unfinished, the only paint on it is the paint as it was on the fence panels, or on the steel. The computer sits on its own small table underneath, making it very easy to move when needed.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that it is generally considered a good idea when building furniture to make sure that it isn’t too big to carry upstairs, especially when you have a small staircase with has two rightangle turns in it! I was only just able to get the tables section upstairs, but the hutch was way to big, impossible to get upstairs, and far too heavy for me to manage on my own anyway. If you notice in the photos you will see that I had to cut it in half at the second shelf and carry it up in two pieces. I have an oscillating cutter with blades that can cut through both wood and steel, so cutting it turned out to be quite easy.

Oh, the problem with my MacBook seems to have fixed itself after spending several weeks sitting without power in it, it now works beautifully again!

I’m so very happy with the finished result.

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