Tool Stand [from recycled fan]

One of our pedestal fans died, so it got reinvented as a Power Tool Stand.

Firstly I removed the fan motor, keeping as many of the screws as I could (waste not want not!). Then, I cut all the wires off the back of the 3-speed switch and joined the three ‘speed control’ wires together at both ends to improve the flow of electricity for the power tools.

At the top end of the stand I wired up a conventional power outlet. I discovered a wonderful coincidence that the screw holes on the power outlet matched the screw holes in the plastic cup at the top of the stand, so screwing it on was a breeze. I drilled two holes in the front of the plastic cup to attach a shelf bracket. I screwed down a piece of scrap wood on top, covering the bracket and the power outlet, and on top of that I screwed down the rear half of the fan cage.

The finished product is a portable stand into which I can plug in my drills, and sit them in the basket on top when not in use. This means that on my small workbench I’m not loosing space sitting down my tools, or no longing needing to put my tools on the floor. There’s also potential to add baskets or brackets around the stem of the stand for other tools like hammers, and anything else I might be using so that my worktable isn’t cluttered with the tools I’m using.

Ok, yes, it’s a makeshift ‘bodge-up’ job, but it cost me nothing, and it reclaimed something that would have been sold for scrap for very little money. It will be a very useful additional to my workshop.

As additional bonus, the fan motor body has been recycled as a rag bucket in my little tool shed!

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