Folding Table

This table was inspired by a table that I found on Pinterest (click eede979771cdaa7fa29889d5d36f72fbon the photo on the right to open). However, I didn’t follow the design exactly. Firstly, I wanted to use ordinary hinges, I didn’t want to spend money on the special hinges that the author used on the top, and I used different materials. I made use of what I had on hand. The table top would be a spare shelf, of hollow framed construction, and some lightweight pine, which has turned out to be a little too lightweight!

  • Joints are simple half-laps, as shown in the project outline, and I’ve screwed them to make them stronger, but I think I will have to add triangular pieces of 3-ply to reinforce them due to the fact that the material I’ve chosen is just a little too light. The finished table is a bit wobbly as a result.


  • Anyway, I constructed the frame fairly quickly. However, I faced a problem. How to make the whole thing fold up as the original project intends but without those special hinges? My solution was to add a top bar over the back rail to attach the table top too. When the legs are folded in the table top simply drops down over them.


  • It folds up nicely.


  • Now with the table top attached. To make it easier to fold and carry around I’ve added small locking blocks for the tops of the legs. You will notice also that there are additional blocks visible in the foreground corners of the table, these are for the tops of the legs to lock into when the table is in use.


  • The table might not be perfect, but it will be very useful as a place to lay down my tools in the absence of suitable bench space. I have been using an old ironing board frame with a chipboard top as additional space, but it is too small. I’m currently using a normal folding trestle table with a white laminated chipboard top. The table is okay as a workbench, though a bit light, but one table just isn’t enough space, hence the need for this table. I’ve used it several times now and though a little flimsy due to the lightweight material I used for the legs it is lightweight, easy to carry and pack away, so it works just fine.



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