New desk for Nok!

A few days ago I was given 9 sheets, in three sizes, of the material below. It is shelving meant for a shop that never happened. It is of pine and plywood construction, each shelf is mostly hollow. So, what do I do this this stuff? I decided to make my wife a new desk!


  • I made the desk in two pieces. The table top is one and a half pieces deep, so the top was overlaid with some of my reclaimed 3-ply to give a smooth surface. The other half was used as a crossbar underneath at the back. Another shelf was cut to make small shelves for the hutch, and corner reinforcements. As I cut through some of the material some reinforcement was needed were cuts were made through the hollow parts. I gave it a light sanding and the coated it with my gloss stain, only one coat was needed for most of it due to the fact it was already stained and varnished, so only the plywood overlay on the table needed a second coat.


  • This two-piece desk turned out to be a fairly quick and easy build.


There’s a few pieces left over, so maybe a matching shelf unit will be next!

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