In my previous post I started talking about building the encasement for my monitor. I attempted to papier-mache the polystyrene packaging to make the inner frame for the curved screen monitor that I have. In the end, I decided that what I had attempted was indeed a big failure. But, out of every failure comes success, and here it is…

This time, instead of starting with the inner frame and working out, I started outwards and worked in. I measured and cut the material that I needed to frame up the encasement.

Looking good so far. I’ve tried to leave room for the monitor’s own stand and the cables. This after all is only meant to cover the monitor, not support it. At least, that was the plan…

The face was sheeted up in plywood from an old crate.

The polystyrene frame was then used to mark out the hole, which I cut with a jigsaw, and then glued the frame in place (from which all previous attempts to papier-mache it were removed).

Apologies for the blurry photo, forgot to put my glasses on! Anyhow, a successful test, though not entirely. I discovered that the monitor had to be lifted up a bit to fit into place.

I started applying some thing foam rubber over the whole thing. At first it looked great, but by the end of the process it had bubbled up horribly. It was either tear it all off or use it as a base for something else, I went with the latter option.

At this point I had grown a bit annoyed with my failures, so didn’t bother taking any photos for a while, I just wanted to get the job done. This time I covered it with feature-board, which is a ribbed plastic board used for real-estate signs etc. Perhaps not the most ideal material, but it worked quite well. It covered the foam rubber, cut to shape, and painted up all quite well.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, you are looking at a rotated photo! The finish isn’t perfect, the ribs in the feature-board are visibly, but not strongly, and a couple of joins didn’t close up as well as I’d hoped, so I’ll probably do a bit of filling and touching up of the paint when the whole project is together and completed. In any case, since most of this project is made of recycled materials, some of which are quite rough, this project is not perfect anyway, so it fits in quite well as it is.

I’ve been taking notice of small details on the TV show, and I’ve noticed plenty of blemishes in the sets, so I’m not so concerned about relatively minor issues like this.

Incidentally, while I was doing this at home I was doing something quite different at work, I dressed up my Digital Education classroom in Star Wars style!

While I was working on the encasement I was also finishing up the side cabinet, which is nicely painted up now.

And, I started working out the electronics, here’s a successful wiring up of a new Power-On button for my PC, which I hope to pair up with another button connected to an Arduino glued side-by-side under one cap. More on this in a future post.

So, tonight was the big occasion, I’ve finally installed the main-monitor encasement. A second one will be built, at a 45 degree angle on top of the side cabinet for the secondary monitor, eventually… The black thing on top is my webcam.

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