‘New’ Woodworking Cabinet

The time has come. The old cabinet is just too small, and because of that fact it is become impractical. It’s a real shame, because it has been very good. However, it won’t be a total write-off. More about that in a future post.

Today’s post however celebrates a beginning out of an ending. The ending refers to my old desk (http://david-moody.info/woodworkingadventures/?p=647) which has been replaced with a new Star Trek original series themed PC workstation (http://david-moody.info/woodworkingadventures/?cat=129). The beginning refers to it being reborn as my new workshop cabinet. I’m not saying tool cabinet anymore. As this was a desk that has been positioned on top of some old gym lockers it now has a standing height workbench, and although it closes up like my tool cabinet did it now feels more like a workshop.

Here’s the old cabinet, doors removed, and almost totally stripped out. I felt very sad…

I had recovered some lockers from a fitness centre that had closed down, more than a year ago now. Two units, two lockers tall, plus three units cut in half due to the bottom lockers being full of mold and rot. I had also recovered a bunch of composite planks. Check out my series on the PC Workstation build to see more of that stuff.

The two units that were complete were cut in half and screwed side-by-side in pairs. Obviously the half that did not have a top to it was a bit shorted, but this does not affect the project in any way. On the right of the photo you can see the desk bench standing upright, the bottom being visible. The whole desk had been made from weathered recycled materials.

This photos shows one of the doors, and a massive ugly patch at the bottom, the result of my sister-in-law’s Jack Russel rat hunting… On the right, facing the gate, is one of the hutch secions.

This photos shows the locker units screwed together, and levelled on the sloping floor. The former desktop, now bench top, is screwed down. The former hutch is also screwed down to become to cabinet top.

These two photos show the process of installing hangers for all my tools. Most of my tools are currently locked up in the lockers below, but bit by bit I am position the tools permanently in the cabinet. The upper photo also shows that I’ve enclosed the sides of the former hutch, and removed the bottom shelf to provide more practical space.

I recycled the doors from the old cabinet by cutting them down to length and filling in the open end. The new cabinet is wider than the old one so the doors had a sizable gap inbetween, so I used the squarish legs from the old desk to cover over the gap. It actually gives the cabinet a little bit of an art-deco feel! Painting can wait until I’m finished installing all the holders for the tools. All the holders for tools that are being mounted on the doors are being screwed through from the outside, so I don’t see the point in painting until I’ve finished arranging everything.

The current internal arrangement from the right to the left. The panels covering the gap between the doors provided enough spare space to hang my panel saws, what a ripper!

Already the decision to do this is paying off, and I’ll post more photos as I get more tools positioned inside the cabinet properly.

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