Model Car Shelf

As part of the refurnishing of my office room, which will be completely in the Star Trek original series style, I’ve started working on a new shelf unit for my model cars. In true fashion though it is entirely built from recycled materials. In this case, all the drawers out of the old bedside units that we have replaced with better units from Ikea. If you’ve been following my Workstation build then you’ll know that the sheets of particle wood that made up the cabinets of these drawer sets have already been recycled to build the main PC section of the workstation, and the shelf part of the side table. The drawers were taking up space, as were my model cars, which were covering anything and everything, so during a lunch break I quickly knocked the following project together, in a trial form.

This is one of the drawers, the roughest one, standing up on what used to be its back. The pegs are actually the clothes hanging pegs out of the lockers that I recovered from the fitness centre that had closed down. You can see them in the left of the picture. I’ve mounted two of these pegs as feet for the unit. I have not yet mounted anymore at the other end. My intention was that the other end be screwed to the side of a tall narrow cupboard that I have, integrating the two as one unit. But now that I see the unit in place I think I’ll had two more feet at the other end, or at least just one at the front, for appearances sake.

Here’s the unit screwed together quick-and-dirty style. Since I did this during my lunch break to test the idea I didn’t put the time into doing it properly. At the moment none of the screws joining the drawers together are countersunk, and the whole unit hasn’t been painted yet either. All that will happen later when I am able to.

This photos shows what it looks like right now with cars in place. Again, just testing the idea out.

I am also making good use of my 3D printer. I designed a small shelf using TinkerCad for displaying odd items, and I download from Thingiverse a stand for displaying the cars. However, that stand has a very flimsy backplate, so I’ve rebuilt the design in TinkerCad with a thicker backplate designed for screwing, not thumbtacks like this one. I’ll upload my designs to Thingiverse soon, so watch out for them here:

Basically, I want to make good use of that side wall of the cabinet, and I think that small shelves for odd items, and for the smaller cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette, etc) would free up space on the main shelves for the larger models. And of course the whole thing will be painted up in the same Jazz Gray as my workstation build, though I will dress it up a little. If you are familiar with the Jefferies Tubes then you will remember seeing lengths of PVC pipe, perhaps 1″ in diameter, in those tubes, and they were painted yellow or red typically. I’m planning to add at least one PVC pipe on the right hand side of the shelving unit to make it look more like something to do with engineering.

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