After a month of being lost in cyberspace, being busy working and studying online, it’s about time I wrote the next post!

I left off last time with the side cabinet under construction. Over the week or so that followed this is what happened…

The sheeting up of the doors worked well, and did not add too much extra thickness or weight to them. It’s all starting to look pretty decent with a coat of paint!

All the cabinets located in place. Sadly the alignment isn’t very good, apparently these two walls in the room aren’t exactly square. I think I can live with the discrepency though. Another problem presented itself, the Covid-19 lockdown forced the closure of the paint shop, so haven’t been back yet to buy more, so at this time the cabinet either has only a rough first coat, or no paint at all.

I continue to empty my wallet on Lazada in the meantime, and this is how the one meter long sting of LEDs looks inside the cabinet. It’s not as bright as portrayed on the show, which is good. It just provides a nice level of brightness, much like a nightlight, and I have it on a seven colour slow rotation. The LEDs are bluetooth controlled, and are also timed to switch off at certain times to avoid unnecessary power usage.

With room lights off and just my Enterprise nightlight on, it truly looks spectacular! That cooling fan definitely needs to be relocated lol.

I chose two more planks that I had previously recovered from the fitness centre closure, glued them side-to-side, and strapped them together. A large notch had to be cut in one corner to allow room for the corner pillar in the room.

This is how the top looks on the cabinet. It is not screwed down at the moment, to do that I will have to paint it first. Yes, I know it looks great as it is, and it definitely is very tempting to leave it as it is, and I even open the question of whether or not to paint it on TheRPF (, but I’ve decided to paint it for two reasons.

  1. I want what is on the cabinet to be the visual focus, not the woodwork
  2. I would like to stick with authenticity as much as possible.

If you look at the cabinet behind Kirk you will see what I mean. Your attention is not drawing to the cabinet top, it is drawn to the sculpture, and his book collection. I think that is the ideal effect for my build.

At this point in time I’m not sure whether to consider the next step that I took a success or a failure. My idea was the cut the polystyrene packing that protected my new monitor in it’s box to make a frame around which I would build the complete cabinet/facade that would cover the monitor. The problem is, that it was very difficult to get a smooth cut, and my attempts to remedy that with paper-mache were rather unsuccessful. I have ordered to foam rubber sheet which I will attempt to use to make a new frame, perhaps style using the polystyrene frame to build onto, but with the paper-mache removed. Just goes to show, not every great idea is a great idea!

That was the 25th of April when I stopped working on that frame. I started back at work, though totally online, at that time, and so have been rather busy. Additionally, the successful installation of my workstation as it currently is means that my old desk ( had become redundant and was ready to be dismantled and moved downstairs to become a new workshop cabinet.

This collection of posts covers the design of my original workshop cabinet, and how it has evolved to the point of needing to be replaced:

Another project I decided to start on was a new display shelf for my model cars, simply because it’s basic construction was quick and easy, and could be done during my lunch break! Here’s a blog post that covers that build:

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