It’s been an exciting week, not only is my project moving forwards in leaps and bounds thanks to all the time I have because of Covid-19 lockdowns, but I’m now able to actually use my new workstation!

I started off by laying out all the brackets and mounting pegs on a piece of scrap. I glued them down lightly with ordinary white latex glue. I had ordered on Lazada red and yellow spray paint that I thought would be a close match for the authentic colours. Notice the material that I painted red, they are the rafts left behind after 3D printing. I keep them all. For this project a number of rafts were used as insulating plates behind the motherboard, the powersupply, and one or two other locations. They also provide a bit of colour decoration.

It was time to start fitting out the main console ready for the PC hardware, and to start with I need to install the UPS, so I made a simple shelf out of scrap and screwed it very thoroughly in place.

Next up I tidied up around the edges and top surfacte and painted around the edges, and the UPS shelf.

I clamped the two units together and the added metal plates under the front inside corner, and on the back.

It holds together very nicely!

The UPS is sat on it’s side on some non-slip matting. The rubber band was part of packing for a Christmas present that I had received, so glad I kept it, it came in really usefull! I used a Forstner bit to drill the hole in the side, and in the bench top for the cables to go through. I used the brackets for support cables, and the power supply for the monitor which has two brackets each with no slip matting. The zipties were left loose at this point so that other cables could be threaded through as needed.

This is what I have been using for the last few years. It looks fantastic, but in a hot climate doesn’t cool as well as you might think, and such a dust magnet! I took detailed photos of how everything was plugged in to guide the transfer process, and if necessary to restore every back if anything went wrong.

Almost everything in place. It was troublesome installing everything, much more so than I had anticipated. An extra pair of hands would definitely have helped, but overall it worked out really well, and suitable colourful! I did have a bit of a panic though at first, the computer wouldn’t boot. The error message LEDs on the motherboard were telling me 55 which means no memory installed, which was absolute rubbish. After about an hour of shifting memory around, scouring the internet, shift memory around, and scouring the internet a bit more, I realised that I had plug the primary drive into a different SATA port, and that was messing everything up. With both hard drives back in their original ports (there are six on this motherboard) the PC booted up correctly and has been working properly ever since. In fact, this first part of the blog I’m writing the very next day, Wednesday, on my new workstation, though yet unfinished…

It’s looking and working great! I’m very happy. Last night I went back on Lazada and ordered a metre long strip light, mobile app controlled, so that should light up the lower console interior appropriately. And yes, the sound effects are playing in the background while I write lol.

The idea is to create the effect under the consoles that you see below:


Anyway, moving on…

I’ve started working on the cabinet. For this I’ve decided to recycle three locker units. These are the top halves of paired units that were recovered from that fitness centre I’ve already mentioned earlier. Their bottom units had too much rot in them so they were cut off when I first got them a year ago.

To start with I removed all the clothes hanging pins, the number plaques, the locks, and the plastic shelves in the doors. On one of the lockers I removed it’s right side panel and made into a simple extension that will adjoin the left side of the main console. I’ve made a floor for the extension, but I’m not worried about the walls or the top as this will be in the corner of the room and so none are needed. As for the top I will be making a top out of the same wood that I’ve used for the tops of the main console and side table, so that will cover the open gap shown above. On this cabinet I also removed the small shelves in the bottom.

I’ve undercoated the cabinets. Also, since the doors were far too decorative for a Star Trek style design I used some thin sheets recovered from a broken wardrobe and overlaid the doors with it. Not shown here is that I’ve re-attached the doors to the lockers, though for the other two I’ve turned them upside-down so that the little shelves are hanging from the top, which will be far more practical.


I need to finish undercoating the cabinets, and then paint them Jazz Grey to match everything else. They will then be taken upstairs and joined to the main unit. I will then measure the lengths that I need for the top and the far end, and make those panels as needed. They will be painted before bringing upstairs.

Once the cabinet is done I will make the cover for the monitor so that it looks more appropriate. I might even have a go at making one of those desktop ‘computer’s!

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