Creative Imagineering | a ‘Star Trek’ themed workstation | Part 1

I’ve been a big fan of Star Trek, especially the original series, for a very long time. I’ve been really inspired lately by what numerous people around the world are doing in their homes, theming them in part or in whole according to whatever it is they like. An especially good YouTube channel is “The Smuggler’s Room” which is about a basement being remodelled in the style of a fictional smuggler’s ship from Star Wars. With all that inspiration I started about a year ago desiging a new workstation. It’s been through three full revisions since then, and today I started cutting wood!

I actually started making things a couple of weeks ago as soon as I received my first 3D printer. I’ve been making brackets, mounting pegs, and a reproduction of the beautiful grill from the 1960’s as used on the bridge set. It’s been fun designing these things on Sketchup, and then watching them come to life on my 3D printer! I’ll talk more about these things in future posts, but for now I’ll be concentrating on what I have done today.


This is a SketchUp drawing of the main console. I’m not following it exactly, for example: I’ve decided not to square up the left-hand panel, it’s cut the same as the other. The top of the side panels is reduced down to 370mm due to the material I’m using being not quite wide enough, but this change does not lose the desired effect. The grill in the front obviously is representative only. I had found an image of Spock on the bridge, under his console, conducting modifications of some kind. I used this image to draw the grill in SketchUp. Sadly, I can no longer find the image, so I cannot show it to you here.

As with many of my projects I prefer to use recyclable materials as much as possible. So I decided to use these two old sets of bedroom drawers in this project. I carefully dismantelled them with the aim of recovering as much material as possible. I kept all the non-rusty screws and the sliders for the draw runners, which I think might be helpful for mounting all the PC hardware inside the cabinet.

I took three of the side panels, which were just big enough, and clamped them together for marking out and cutting. I need three because standing against the right-hand side of the main cabinet will be the side table which incorporates a small sideways facing bookshelf backed onto the right side panel of the main cabinet.

Last May I help a mate dismantle all the lockers in the gym where he had been working, and in return I was given quite a lot of wood to use! Here I am using some of the skirtings I received to make the crossrails.

I then cut a sheet of plywood to go in the back wall. Thankfully the skirting board had a recess cut into it along it’s full length which made it really easy to insert and fix the plywood into place. The good thing about this is that when I go to mount all the hardware in there is space behind the plywood for the bolt-heads so that they don’t hit the wall of the room it’s going into.

The next vitally important thing to do was make sure everything was square, so I took time to make sure, checking and double-checking, then checking again! I used broken pieces of scrap to keep it all square while I attached the front panel. At this stage to I decided it was necessary to add metal corner brackets, just in case!

I didn’t photograph the next stage but all I did next was cut additional rails out of more of that skirting board that I recovered from the gym and mounted them in place using more of those metal brackets.

This is what I got up to. As you can imagine it falls over rather easily due to it’s shape, but that is not an issue, it will be securely screwed in place to the side table and the cabinet that will be mounted on either side.

The next task is to finish glueing together the 3D printed mesh, frame it suitably, and then cut the appropriate hole in the front panel to insert the mesh, which I hope to hold in place with magnets, if I can make that work! After that I need to put the top on and everything else that I need to do!


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