Rustic Country Garden Post & Rail Fence – in miniature!

This morning we decided to do some gardening, tidy things up a bit. One problem is that we sometimes have a visiting Jack Russell called Tanjai, who spends the day in our yard while her mistress, my sister in law, is at work, and she likes to dig up the vege garden! So, my wife asked me for a fence. A couple of hours later I gave her this!

It’s made of the same recycled fence panels that I’ve been using to make my Double Spring Pole Lathe, and also to make a new desk, and to make an Advent Calendar Tree as a gift for my wife. For the posts I ripped the panels up the middle, but for the rails I ripped them in roughly 3cm wide strips, basically the minimum width that I could set the cutting guide to on my circular saw. The gate is made entirely with this thinner ripped wood, and a simple bolt latch us used to fasten the gate shut against the house.





This is another garden fence a made quite a long while ago, it is 2×4 hardwood with steel mesh left over from the kitchen floor! It uses a simple latch – a piece of wood that locks into the ground! I think I like the new fence better lol


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