‘Hybrid’ Worktable


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Problem: Two worktables, and neither of them live up to expectations. One of them, which started life as a folding white table, I had overlayed and attached skirts too. It had warped along its length and was not very usable. The other table I custom built using recycled palletwood. It has a reasonably nice plywood top, and as a support table worked very nicely, but when used for dressing wood the folding legs I built simply came apart. Not my finest work for sure.

Solution: dismantle the first table and try flattening out its top under the weight of the Isuzu (shown in a previous post) in the hope of reusing it for something else. Dump the legs of the other table and retrofit the legs from the first table.

Result: I’ve already used this ‘hybrid’ table and it’s definitely an improvement.

Next: get into building a proper workbench!

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