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My Dad’s Site-Shed

Years ago my Dad was a carpenter / cabinet maker. He’s built many homes (including our first family home), sheds, and commercial buildings over the years until a nasty accident forced a very early retirement. He’s still got quite a lot of his tools, though some he’s already given to me and are now at my home in Phuket, Thailand. This shed was his site shed which he always erected wherever he was working. He built it himself. For many years now it’s been a garden or tool shed, as needs-be. It’s wooden roof has been sheeted with steel for quite a while now, and it is suffering some rot in some very vital places, but here it is, still standing, still doing its job. I just spent the last hour erecting it for him since he is no longer able to do it himself. I think this will be for the very last time. Anyway, glad to be able to have my little bit of input into my father’s pride and joy 🙂 . #woodworkingbydavidmoody #woodworkingadventures #dadsshed #secondgenerationwoodworker #daveinozeaster2018 #siteshed #carpentry #shed #carpenter #builder

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