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Advent Calendar Tree

Last year my lovely wife made me a scrapbook style advent calendar. This year I decided to make one for her, but out of the recycled fence panels I’ve been using for other projects, like the Double Spring Pole Lathe. Combined with that I scoured the internet for vintage and retro style Christmas card images, making sure there was a strong Aussie presence in there! On the reverse side each packet has an encouraging Bible verse. The packets were made using Microsoft Powerpoint, one slide would have the picture, the next the Bible verse, and so on. When finished the Powerpoint was printed six slides per page which then just had to be cut and folded and glued.

Anyway, I made this not sure if she would like the rustic aspect of it, but she loved it, YAY!!!

So, to make this project, I’ve got the ideas, I’ve got the wood…


I mortised the piece of palletwood that is for the trunk of the tree through the base plate, and afterwoods cut a small offcut from the branches to reinforce it from behind.


I had cut a few lengths of timber, almost square, from the fence panels I’m recycling to make the branches, along the way I thought they might make a nice star for the top of the tree, and they did! They all the pieces are reinforced from behind using two small pieces of three-ply, you can just seeĀ one of them in this photo.


There wasn’t much too it really, just cut several branches at different lengths to get the desired look. It was all worked out as I went, no real plan was used.


All the packets were filled with little treats and then pinned to the branches.


Happy face!


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