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Wooden Mallet

Today the time came, the time to start making my own tools, and what better tool is there to start with than a wooden mallet.

  • To start with I reviewed some designs I had found on the internet, and looked back at my memories of mallets that I used years ago. So, working with material that I already have, I made a start today. I cut the handle out of some wood bar, and some extra pieces to be sandwiched in between the main outer pieces. The outer pieces, the ‘bread of the sandwich’, were cut from thicker material, the same that I used to build the shelves (office-shelf), and the tool cabinet (Tool Cabinet).

Mallet - 1

Mallet - 2

  • I positioned each piece of the ‘centre of the sandwich’ in its place on either side of the handle. Now, the expert might cringe at what I’ve done here, nailing the middle pieces of the the mallet to one of the outer pieces (glued as well of course), but doing this ensured that everything would be correctly positioned. This is the only time I used nails.

Mallet - 3

  • I then glued the other outer piece onto the mallet, and clamp the whole sandwich tight. It was left like this for a few hours to let the glue set.

Mallet - 4

  • The next task, after the glue had set, was to cut tapers onto the two faces of the mallet.

Mallet - 6

  • I used my dad’s old combination plane to cut curvatures into each of the four corners of the handle. I then sanded them down to make smooth and comfortable handle.

Mallet - 7

  • A couple of closeups of the finished mallet. I might not have done a perfect job of it, but for a first attempt at making my own tools I have to say that both pleased and excited about the result, and it has encouraged me to continue making other tools.

Mallet - 8

Mallet - 9

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