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Scrapwood Picture Frame

Sometimes, as I ride my bicycle around our estate, I spy some scrap wood dumped in the overgrown grassy embankment running down the side wall, which is around 500 metres long. So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to go scavenging, and the following project is the result.

  • Here is some of the wood that I scavenged. There were a few more scraps like the thin pieces you see there, but they turned out to be not very useful, so they found their way to the bin. There was one other piece, similar width and thickness to the large painted piece here, but it is partly rotten, but that didn’t stop me from using it!

candleshlf - 11

  • I cut the long painted piece in half, and then I cut the partly rotten piece down to length. I laid them out on my table, upside down, and nailed an offcut of thing 3-ply on the back to help hold it all together. I then turned it right-way-up and overlayed the thin pieces in a cross pattern, sticking out a little all around. This also helped to obscure the worst of the rotten board while allowing some of its rotten texture to still be visible. I then gave it a coat of walnut gloss stain. Finally, I screwed two screws into the back of it, with wire connecting them, so that it can be hung.

candleshlf - 12

  • The finished piece, with pictures applied to it, hung in our stairwell.

candleshlf2 - 1

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