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Driftwood Candle Shelf

IMG_2651 pinLike many people I do enjoy, from time to time, exploring Pinterest, and saving pins that grab my attention. One such pin was of a driftwood shelf. A friend of mine from work had already given me some driftwood which was awaiting use, and so when I saw this shelf I thought that yes, I have to make this.

So, here is my version:

  • Firstly, I cut the best peace of driftwood in half, this determined the height of the shelf.

candleshlf - 1

  • Only one piece of driftwood was ‘rotten’ at both ends, so the other piece that I had which was ‘rotten’ at only one end was cut to become the centre of the back of the shelf.

candleshlf - 2

  • The off-cut was just the right length to be used as the bottom shelf.

candleshlf - 3

  • I took the off-cut and roughened up the edge with a chisel and a file so that it more closely resembled its other end, and then nailed and screwed (countersunk) to the bottom ends of the three panels that make up the back of the shelf. I took some of the sawdust, mixed it with glue, and covered the ends of the screws to hide them.

candleshlf - 4

  • I measured up a couple of our candles, to get an idea of the size the two upper shelves should be.

candleshlf - 5

  •  I then cut each end off another piece of driftwood so that the rough ends would match for both shelves.

candleshlf - 6

  • Each shelf was positioned relative to the height of the backboards, but also with thought towards their overall ‘rottenness’. I wanted to make sure that it would all work together well visually rather than mathematically.

candleshlf - 7

  • Once the shelves where in place I took the two dead branches, complete with bark, that I’d scavenged from nearby our home, determined which one worked the best, and then cut it down to fit.

candleshlf - 8

  • The branch fitted in very nicely.

candleshlf - 9

  • At this point I thought it’s finished, but my wife felt that it needed cleaning up. So, I opened my tin of gloss walnut stain and gave it a single coat of that. I must say that I am very happy with the result. Most of the shelf still has that mat look about it, only the branch has the gloss finish, which I’ve come to like.

candleshlf - 10

  • Overall, I’m very happy with the finished result. The last thing I did was to insert two screws into the back of the two outer panels, with thin wire tying them together so that it can be hung on the wall. Here it is, ready to be hung!

candleshlf2 - 2

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