The Clean Energy Revolution podcast

In season 2 of The Clean Energy Revolution podcast, Max La Manna takes a look at the role energy plays in tackling the negative effects of climate change, and discovers how the world will be powered in the next 30 years as we work towards a net zero future that doesn't contribute to global warming.

The Clean Energy Revolution also looks at the part can we all play - as individuals, businesses and nations - to help make this happen for the good of our planet, and how we all have a role in one of the most incredible revolutions in human history.

Listen to season 2, episode 10:

How is the clean energy transition creating jobs of the future?

The transition to cleaner, greener energy means that big changes are needed to the infrastructure that keeps it flowing to our homes and businesses. So how are these changes making a difference to the workforce of today - and of tomorrow?

In the final episode of series 2, Max finds out about:

  • New York’s Community Offshore Wind project, which could create up to 10,000 new jobs in the Northeast US.
  • The innovation needed to ‘upgrade’ the UK’s electricity grid, and how it will lead to new ways of working in a digital age.
  • Why a huge range of skills and roles - not just engineering and construction - will be essential for a successful energy transition and a cleaner future.


Max La Manna - host of The Clean Energy Revolution Podcast

About our host

Max La Manna is a low-waste chef, award-winning author and host of a BBC Earth TV series looking at the carbon footprint and environmental effects of the UK’s most-wasted food items.

In just 3 years, Max has captivated over 1 million followers across social media, and his content and shows have been seen by over 1 billion people.

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