Piano by David

The Piano has been a passion that has been with me since I started learning a few months before I turned 8. Mum had an old Mendelssohn piano that she had when she was young, and I used to bang away on it until my parents gave up with the noise and sent me to piano lessons! Later as a young adult I bought a custom built Young Chang upright which I loved and enjoyed for many years, however, it just wasn’t financially practical to ship it to my home in Phuket, Thailand from Australia, so after eleven years of trying I finally found a good home for the piano, and with the money from the sale I invested in a Kawai KDP90. It’s not the greatest digital piano in the world, but it is the best that I can afford at this moment, and I’m really enjoying it.

I believe that music, and talent, is meant to be shared, not to kept to one’s self, no matter how good, or not, you play.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve chosen to share with you on my Google+ profile. Just click on my name on the badge to the top-left to open it up.

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