I will not be shaken!

imageI have set the Lord continually before me;
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
(Psalms 16:8 NASB)

I will not be shaken.

Why? How?

Because: God is at my right hand. Standing on the right hand side implies giving honour, so God is honouring us by standing on our right, and He is guaranteeing us success also by doing so.

Why is He standing on my right hand side?

Because: I have set God continually before me. This is talking about headship, sovereignty, a complete surrender by us to His plan and purpose. When we set God before us 24/7 (which is the meaning of the word continually) then we are declaring that God is Lord over all of my life. All of my thoughts, my plans, my hopes, my dreams, my sorrows… all things I am surrendering to Him. In return I receive a light burden, as Jesus tells us. I also receive His joy, His peace, and much more. I also receive His plan and purpose for my life so that I can have a positive and successful God-given direction to follow.

In short: if I make God sovereign over my life 24/7 then He will stand at my right hand and strengthen me so that I can do all things that He has called me to do in His Name.