All the way!

Something from today’s time alone with God I think I should share:

The only true end of anything comes when you finish the journey well. Quitting doesn’t end something, it avoids something, and that something will always be there lurking in the shadows, haunting you, stalking you. Don’t be a quitter. Don’t quit your job because it doesn’t suit you, or because of problems at work, or for any other reason. Bless the place and the people there, and be thankful that you have an income to support your family. Don’t quit your marriage. “Until death do us part” is a binding promise, a commitment to stick things through regardless of how difficult things might get. Marriages ALWAYS get better when the husband and wife fight through the tough times and defeat them. Bless your marriage, bless your wife, bless your husband, bless your children. Speak peace in all situations. Don’t throw anything in your life away just because it has gotten hard. Yes, tough times will always come, but they CAN be defeated, God GUARANTEES THAT. Don’t quit, go all the way, victory is ahead!